Helping people in St Helena live healthier lives

We worked with the UK Health Security Agency and St Helena Government’s Health and Social Care team to turn a comprehensive health needs assessment into a creative and supportive tool that helps people in St Helena live healthier lives.

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We created a ‘healthy living pack’ that converted the assessment into five key themes and used the idea of ‘playing cards’ to bring the information to life. We hope that these cards will be used to start conversations and signpost islanders to health initiatives that are being developed by the health and social care team.

We were inspired by the colours of the St Helena shield and used an "old-style" serif font that helps to soften the tone of voice. We also simplified the language and commissioned an artist to create a series of hand painted images that reflect the cultural diversity of the island’s population.

The cards were co-designed with St Helena’s social and health care team and we hope that they will be shared with the 4,500 islanders either physically or through St Helena’s local TV channel.  

We also developed posters and presentation material to show how the cards could be used in different contexts and as part of a wider health improvement campaign.

If you’d like help turning complex health, science and educational knowledge into beautiful communications that inspire healthy and sustainable lives do get in touch.

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