The mind and body problem in health care

This project builds on one of the starkest health statistics: the 15–20 year mortality gap for people living with a severe mental illness. It aims to show that integrating physical and mental health care within King‘s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust increases physical health care and reduces health inequalities for people suffering from severe mental health conditions.

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We worked with the Mind and Body Team at King’s Health Partners and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to share the results of their ‘Integrating our Mental and Physical Healthcare Systems’ project.

We used our discovery and definition phase to develop a range of square pamphlets based on diverse multi-coloured kaleidoscopes and suggested a content format that would make the learnings from the project easy to digest:

› Key messages 
› Introduction 
› Approach
› Benefits
› Dos and don’ts

The designs were shared with different stakeholders within the project and received positive feedback, especially from people with lived experiences.

Visuals: stunning – they immediately focus your attention and interest in a positive and simulating way.

Flow: very good – natural and consistent.

General feel: positive, meaningful and attention grabbing in a good way. I was immediately drawn into it. 

Stakeholder representative with lived experience of mental health care

We also showed how the content could be repurposed so that it could be read on a mobile phone or tablet. 

The final document was redesigned to meet Kings Health Partnerships brand guidelines and to include all of the text in the original script, but retained the colours for each booklet and integrated imagery from the Trust’s existing photo library to maintain a connection between the different versions of the design.  

This project shows the challenges of working with different stakeholders who have disparate experiences and expectations of design.

If you’d like to work with us to reimagine how you can communicate complex work to a wider audience please get in touch.

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