We use design to help you tackle global challenges

Design Science, founded in 2011, is a pioneering communication design agency with a mission to harness the power of design to address global challenges in science, health and education.

We encourage collaboration, inclusion, and co-design, and seek to work with individuals and organisations who share our values of social justice and environmental responsibility. We believe that technology should serve as a means to foster engagement, respect, care and understanding among people and their environment.
Our work encompasses and integrates a range of design services including strategy and service design, digital and web design, as well as support for online communications, exhibitions and interiors.

As digital tools become more powerful and dominant we have built up our network to support a richer understanding of data while maintaining clarity and simplicity in our work. 
We value listening, collaboration, creativity, attention to detail and the search for knowledge and understanding in our work and society.

We see design as a tool for research, not just a tool to communicate research, and actively promote the use of creative prototyping, co-design and feedback between researchers and the public as methods for improving experiences and outcomes.

We have a rich network of collaborators and tailor our team to each project, providing a balance of creative and technical skills to tackle any design challenge.
Our story
Design Science started as a research group connecting designers from Central Saint Martins and science communicators from Imperial College London.

We launched with a lively debate which revealed wide gaps in understanding between these two communities, emphasising the need for collaboration and interdisciplinary practice. 

Since our foundation, we have worked with hundreds of researchers and collaborators across multiple domains of knowledge and our work has been valued by organisations working in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.