Health in Bermuda’s prisons

We worked with a team of public health experts in the UK Health Security Agency and officials from the Bermudan government to turn a comprehensive health needs assessment into a friendly and supportive communication for people in prison in Bermuda.

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We highlighted sixteen ways that their health can be improved, based on interviews, surveys and other health data. We used the colours of the Bermudan coat of arms, and a display typeface based on 19th century advertising posters and hand-painted signs to make it clear and easy to read.

The booklet was co-designed with the UKHSA team and the correction facility in Bermuda and will be given to all 120 people in prison to show that their voices have been heard and the health teams have plans in place to help them live healthier lives in prison and afterwards.  

We also developed banners and posters to show how the design and identity could be used in a range of contexts and as part of a wider health improvement campaign.

If you’d like help turning complex health assessments into beautiful communications that inspire healthy lives do get in touch.

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