Video animation and guidance resources for NHS patients and clinicians to help them do online consultations

We have developed a suite of guidance resources with The University of Oxford and Barts NHS Trust to help patients and clinicians with conducting video consultations.

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The resources are used by NHS England and NHS Improvement and

The project was funded by The Health Foundation, National Institute for Health Research, Higher Education Innovation Fund and Wellcome.

‘It’s great to have these resources… I know they will be valuable. Very keen to share them far and wide.’– Rachel Harris, Communications and Engagement Manager NHS England and NHS Improvement

Download resources

The resources are free for anyone to use. Select from individual resources below or download combined zip file:
Download all A4 printable resources

To request amendments or translations catered to specific clinical needs, please email


The aim of these resources is to support those who are not familiar with video technology, to ensure that generic resources are relevant to any technology or clinical setting, and to make these freely available to anyone who needs them. It is serendipity that we developed this guidance at a time when it is needed more than ever. 

Covid-19: a remote assessment in primary care BMJ, Trisha Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences at Oxford University

Evidence based guidance for video consultations – supporting the response to COVID-19 Q (Health Foundation), guest blog by Sara Shaw, Associate Professor of Health & Social Policy at Oxford University

User-led design

All resources were informed by two co-design research workshops we ran in London, which enabled us to connect with patients and the public and involve them in our design process.

Visually led

Working with illustrator Ellis Nadler, we developed a visually-led style to work across a range of outputs including a short animated video, downloadable guidelines, FAQs, printed materials and online interactive communications.

Interactive formats

Patient & staff versions below:

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GP and clinician guidelines

We worked with Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences at Oxford University, to adapt our designs as information for GPs, available as A4 PDF download and slideshow presentation formats.

Printed formats

The content is adaptable to any format, including printed leaflets and posters


We translated the resources and video into eight non-English languages including a BSL video (below).

Please contact us if you would like to receive any of the following versions of the downloadable resources. Links below will take you to the video translations.




The resources are designed to accommodate clinical needs. In the example below we repurposed the A4 downloadable resources for Ireland’s NHS equivalent: the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Contact if you would like the full PDFs.


We helped to raise awareness about the resources through social media, encouraging them to be shared and repurposed.

We’ve been working with @OxPrimaryCare @NHSBartsHealth @trishgreenhalgh to develop video consulting guidance resources for patients and clinicians. These A4 printable versions are free for anyone to use: