National sexual health testing service for NHS Scotland

We worked with NHS Glasgow and Clyde and social researchers The Lines Between to co-design a national home testing sexual health service for NHS Scotland, focussing particularly on a range of at-risk groups.

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“It‘s been a pleasure to work with Design Science. They‘ve incorporated user research and feedback at every stage and worked with our teams to ensure that the end product works for both citizens and clinical teams.“

Katherine Bethell, Online STI Testing Programme Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

We designed a visual identity, online app, instruction leaflets and video for NHS Scotland, all informed by detailed social research carried out with our project partners, The Lines Between. The resources are available on Scotland's NHS Inform site.

Social research

We began the project by running a discovery workshop with the team, developed a call to action and visual identity to support participant recruitment and used feedback from interviews and workshops to identify key insights and develop creative responses to the online STI ordering service and the instructions for people to use.

We followed The Scottish Approach to Service Design, paying particular attention to making the service inclusive and using language and iconography in a way that made the service accessible, friendly and helpful. 

Online app

We worked with health management systems software company Excelicare, to develop the online patient app. The app connects with Scotland’s National Sexual Health System (NaSH) to provide electronic patient records access for health boards across Scotland.

Instruction leaflets

Building on our 2015 project with Dr Dave Pao and his team at Sexual Health in Plymouth, we repurposed our detailed illustrations and ensured the resources used the same clear, simple language appropriate for people using the service.

Instruction video

Following on from our design of the identity, website and information leaflets, we developed a short animation to help people take a blood test at home. We focussed on simplifying what can be a tricky process and highlighted some of the simple techniques that you need to follow to ensure anyone can use this home testing service quickly and effectively. 

The designs were iterated through feedback with patients, then a pilot version tested across three regional health boards as part of a staged rollout across Scotland. Feedback so far has been resoundingly positive. NHS Scotland say their key challenge now is how to supply enough kits to keep up with demand.

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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