NHS Sexual Health in Plymouth brand identity, website and patient videos

Sexual Health in Plymouth (SHiP) is a partnership of organisations working together to deliver integrated sexual health, HIV, contraception and abortion services for Plymouth, East Cornwall and South West Devon.

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We were approached to redesign their identity and website as well as videos on female contraception.

Find out more at yourship.uk

What we did

We redesigned the old logo to be more contemporary, versatile word mark which better aligns with the NHS brand. The mark is adaptable for different contexts including large and small formats and digital applications.

Website logic

The original website was visually noisy and difficult to navigate. We simplified and streamlined the content using icons, a smaller colour palette, minimal visual distractions and typographic hierarchy. A site map helped us keep track of the overall navigation structure too.

Responsive design

The website is fully responsive and includes built-in call and email features as well as embedded interactive maps and video content.

Animated videos

We worked with illustrator and animator Jamie Kendall to produce a series of patient information videos which feature on the SHiP website and Youtube account.https://youtu.be/ioVohgaQSm8https://youtu.be/bn9BTOrABa4

We also designed SHiP’s instruction cards and testing kits for online ordering.

Cross-party House of Commons Health and Social Care committee visit the newly designed Centre.

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