NHS Sexual Health Centre STI home testing kits

Sexual Health in Plymouth (SHiP) is a partnership of organisations working together to deliver integrated sexual health, HIV, contraception and abortion services for Plymouth, East Cornwall and South West Devon.

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It is their core culture of participation that marks them above other design studios we have met.

Dr David Pao, NHS consultant and project commissioner

As part of a rebrand, video production and website redesign project, we were asked to redesign instruction cards and a labelling system for STI test kits people can order online.

Information design

We worked with illustrator Giulia de Amicis on the illustrations for the cards. We set up a template to ensure consistency and used the brand typeface and colours to maintain the SHiP identity.

Visual recognition

The illustrations match the physical items that come in the test kit, which help to increase recognition and make the instructions easier to understand.

Print as a physical and tactile item

The cards are designed to fit the box that the STI test kit arrives in and are printed on weighted paper stock. We also designed the box label stickers that go on the outside of the box and are a form.

These STI test kits are available to order through the new SHiP website, which we also designed.

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