NHS hospital waiting room installation for the Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre

Following our redesign of UCL’s Institute of Immunity and Transplantation website, we were commissioned to redesign the waiting room, logo and signage for the Katharine Dormandy Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre to mark its 50th anniversary.

Featured in Design Week

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Our aim

Director Professor Amit Nathwani hopes that the installation will increase awareness about the internationally acclaimed research being done at the Centre, and will encourage financial support.


We designed a logo that would be distinct from the NHS branding and chose orange to stand out in the space

Educational and engaging design

In an interview with Design Week, Design Science Director, Anne Odling-Smee, commented on the project:

“Most patients aren’t fully aware of the research that is going on but we had an opportunity to help change this and to address any scepticism about treatments or practices like transfusions. We welcomed the opportunity to make what is, in part, a waiting room area and corridor into something far more engaging and informative.”

Design and installation

Artist and curator Jeremy Akerman installs the vinyl after the messier job of wallpapering and painting is completed.

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