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Sexual Health Self Test – National STI testing service for Scotland

March 2022

We’re working with a great team at NHS Sexual Health Services across Scotland and with accessible social research agency The Lines Between to co-design a service to support home testing kits for sexual health with a range of at risk groups across Scotland including:

  • 16–18 year olds
  • 18–25 year olds
  • Gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (MSM)
  • Disability groups
  • The deaf community
  • The blind community

We started the project by holding a discovery workshop with the NHS team. We then developed an identity and ‘call to action’ and information sheet to support recruitment and design development. We are arranging interviews with people this month. Insights from the research will inform the design of the service which will be implemented by the NHS technical team.

What’s this project about?

NHS Scotland is developing a national free home testing kit service for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To help inform the development of an easy to access service, the NHS has commissioned us to gather views and feedback from members of the public.

Can I get involved?

You can choose to participate in the research through either a confidential one-to-one discussion with a member of the research team, or by taking part in a small group discussion. Both will be held remotely by video call. One-to-one discussions can also be arranged by phone.

How long will it take?

Group discussions: around an hour.
One-to-one discussions: around 30 minutes.

Will I be paid?

All confirmed participants will be given a £20 multi-shop voucher

What will I be asked?

We’ll ask you about different features of the service and how you would like it to work, e.g.
> Where and how you would like to order a self-testing kit?
> Where you would like it be sent to if you did order one?
> What kind of instructions you would like to accompany the test kit?
> How you prefer the results of the test to be communicated?
> What type of tests you would be willing to do at home?

How will the information I provide be used?

Our research team will produce a report based on all the feedback we gather. The discussion you have is confidential and the findings in the report will not be attributed to any individual. Participants will not be identifiable in any way in the report we produce. The report will be used to inform the development of the new service.


Please contact Derek Ewens: Derek will answer any questions you have, find out how you would prefer to participate in the research and make any arrangements with you.

We aim to share a research report and design recommendations in July. Do get in touch if you’d like to be kept informed about this project or get involved.