UCLH NHS patient information videos for cancer diagnosis procedures

Working alongside NHS Cancer Vanguard, UCLH and London Cancer, we created six videos to explain medical procedures to new or potential cancer patients and their carers.

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Available for public use via University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, the videos cover everything that happens before the procedure, during, and afterwards in recovery. They run for 4–6 minutes and are available in 10 different languages.

‘Exceptionally well explained’– YouTube subscriber on ‘Having a lumbar puncture'
‘Great information video’– YouTube subscriber on ‘Having a bone marrow test’

Director & Producer: Anne Odling-Smee

Animator: Greg Haworth

Editor: Phillip Kent

Photography: Jenny Matthews

Narrator: Kat Arney

Sound recorder: Ed Prosser

Model: Nayeon Lee

Videos commissioned by Professor Ronjon Chakraverty

Funded by the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund

Having a blood transfusion

Having a PET CT scan

Having a PICC line insertion

Having a lumbar puncture

Having a lymph node biopsy