Research primer for Engineering Design Centre at University of Cambridge

We worked with researchers Chih-Chun Chen and Nathan Crilly from University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, to help transform their new research report into an engaging and accessible online document.

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The primer introduces a domain-neutral framework and diagrammatic scheme for characterising the ways in which systems are modular or complex.

Who is it for?

The primer presents a shared language for describing complexity which is intended to enable researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to communicate their practices, solutions and methods, even when the systems they are working on appear superficially dissimilar.

We devised a parallel visual language based on recognisable imagery (blue illustrations), with new explanatory texts (blue captions) to help quickly communicate the abstract visual language presented in the primer

We took the analogy of a table lamp within a room to represent simple systems

We took the analogy of a rainforest to represent complex systems

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