Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication: online tool and identity

The Winton Centre was set up on the basis that everyone has a right to balanced evidence on issues important to them; evidence presented in a transparent way, to inform but not persuade.

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Working with Ilan Goodman and Dr Alexandra Freeman, we developed a design for an online tool aimed at press officers and journalists working to communicate risk research from health & the social sciences
RealRisk Winton Centre

Logo and strapline

We proposed to rename the original ‘PressAlert’ to ‘RealRisk’ to communicate the tool more accurately to users.

We worked collaboratively to trial design options for the logo and strapline before agreeing the final version. The logo consists of a repeated ‘i’ turned upside down forming an exclamation mark to communicate ‘pay attention/take note’. The ‘i’ of the dot highlighted in colour represents a statistical count.

We agreed on bright blue as a ‘neutral’ colour disassociated with typical risk colours of traffic lights.

Flow diagram

We established the steps the user is expected to take to acquire the information he or she needs, then created a visual guide using icons which we planned to use in the tool itself.

Online tool design

The tool needed to provide simple, attractive and easy to use instructions with clear infographics that would work not just for the press and journalists, but also for non-specialists who they are communicating with.

We designed the pages using icons to make the steps easy for the user to follow, with content split up the content to manageable sections.

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