Neighbourhood social cohesion research communication with the University of Amsterdam

We collaborated with The Centre for Urban Mental Health at the University of Amsterdam to help communicate the value of social cohesion and togetherness for young people, with funding from the Wellcome Trust.

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To support the development of the animation and associated infographic, we used a collaborative discovery process to understand the underlying research and to find out what was special about their methods and findings.

Our initial design direction looked at the idea of Togetherness as an overarching theme, and the potential to develop a universal declaration of young people’s needs (rather than rights).

While these directions were not taken forward, they helped with recognising the complex interaction between local communities and young people’s feelings of safety, security and independence.

The final design shared UVA’s methodology, key results and lessons for policy makers, and enabled the research team to clarify and communicate the richness of social connection, the opportunity for physical and digital interventions and the need for on-going research and investment at local, regional and international scales.

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