Beat Bad Bugs: helping to tackle antimicrobial resistance within a community pharmacy

Beat Bad Bugs is our winning competition entry developed to improve knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance within a community pharmacy space.

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Project is organised by the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading and pharmacy chain Day Lewis. It is one of 11 related projects, which have been awarded funding totalling £2.2m from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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Shortlisted for:• The University of Reading’s Research Engagement and Impact Awards, 2019• Public Health England’s Antibiotic Guardian Awards, 2019

Our aim

To use design to persuade customers who are collecting antibiotic medication from Woodley Pharmacy to adhere correctly to their prescription, and to engage other customers into understanding why this matters.

The characters illustrated by Stephen Collins are positioned strategically around the pharmacy to interact with customers. Each flat-packable character is constructed from two easy to assemble pieces of Kappa board.

Design process of proposed window display visual at Woodley Community Pharmacy needed to attract and invite people to come in.

Real pharmacists in the pharmacy hand out survey cards to customers who are asked to post them into a collection box. We also produced information cards, leaflets and badges to reinforce the message.

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