Genes and Health identity

Genes & Health is one of the world’s largest community-based genetics studies aimed at improving health among Pakistani and Bangladeshi people across the UK, and helping to help address some of the root causes of health inequalities.

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What we did

We worked with Mehru Raza, the project’s Communications and Engagement Manager, to understand the hopes and concerns of the project partners and communities, as well as reflecting on the key ingredients for the new identity. 

One area of concern and opportunity was that the existing identity was seen as technical and abstract. We used this knowledge, together with the existing DNA logo-form to investigate patterns and weaves found across different cultures and showed how a simplified identity could work with a woven pattern in a range of contexts.

Feedback from community members led to a strengthening of the underlying woven pattern and the use of photographic rather than illustrated images.

Next steps

We are now developing final guidance. We will be working with the team to implement the identity across a range of physical and digital touchpoints including their website, as well as supporting a photoshoot with community members.

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