The Association for Laboratory Medicine – Identity and brand strategy

We’ve been working with the Association for Laboratory Medicine (previously the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine) to help them redefine their identity and brand strategy. 

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‘We’ve had lots of positive feedback about the brand from the members who have seen it so feel really confident it will do the job we need it to do for us!’

Victoria Logan, CEO

‘The identity looks great. I’m very pleased we have managed to pull it off during my tenure as CEO.’

Jane Pritchard, former CEO (Nov 2019 – Jul 2023)

The project, which launched in January 2024, started with a review of the association’s 70 year history as champions of patient and health-centred science. We then reviewed the wider health sciences landscape and ran co-design activities with their directors and a group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable members where we considered their identity, culture, vision and mission.

We identified the 0s and 1s that form the basis of modern analytical methods as a potential framing device for their future identity. We then developed an identity guide that provides the team with a platform through which they can support their members and celebrate the value of science in health.

We used a range of colours to highlight the association’s values and showed how the identity works on its own and in the company of related associations and societies.

We  developed a range of physical and digital touchpoints that show how the identity can be used across the organisation. This included an online annual report, the LabMed health and science journal, as well as organisational presentations, letterhead and signage.

View interactive identity guidelines

Next steps

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the team to develop the next phase of outputs, starting with this year's Annual Report as well as design assets to support the Association‘s annual conference: LabMedUK 24.

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