Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research visual identity

The Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research (CHIR) helps spread innovation within health and social care. They came to us to help clarify their purpose and communicate the importance of their work. Through this work we have helped them to communicate their expertise and attract new audiences and opportunities for collaboration.

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What we did

We reviewed their language and existing communication material, collaborated with the team to identify a clear mission, developed visual imagery and a communication strategy and provided them with guidelines and initial material to help them to develop and grow.

Our work included an identity that focuses on ’people’ as the heart of innovation and used a range of colours to represent healthcare innovation in a new way – through diversity, connectivity and reach. 

We developed a new call to action – ‘joining the dots between innovation, policy and practice’ and developed an engaging visual language that could be used across a range of activities – on their website, through reports and policy notes and in social media. 

To help the team get started, we provided them with a guide to help them remain consistent and developed a presentation template, an annual report and infographics that they can use going forward. 

‘We love the guide. As non-design experts it will enable us to make best use of the design assets and get the branding right‘ 

– Alexandra Ziemann, Senior Research Fellow, CHIR

How we did it

We ran listening and co-design workshops with the team to understand what was important to them and presented a ‘Pathways to Impact‘ workshop to their wider community so that everyone could think about their goals and ambitions. 

We recognised that the activities that were central to their work revolved around people and relationships rather than technology and used the diversity of their international team to show the richness of their knowledge, experience and reach. 

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The benefits of design

We used creative design approaches to engage with the team, identify key goals and bring these to life through language and visual imagery. We also dug deeper into their work to help the team communicate some of the complex ideas that underpin their work and showed that consistency and clarity can help the team to form bonds that go beyond shared interests to shared understanding. 

As always, we learnt from this project. We are keen to ensure that ideas around innovation 'stickiness and spread' can be used in other projects and would love to work with other interdisciplinary teams that build bridges between different knowledge, worlds and mindsets.