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Oct 2021 

We are working on a new project with NHS England and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at University of Oxford to help practitioners improve the way they use remote services like telephone and video. 

The project builds on comprehensive research by the Oxford team, alongside work we developed together last year to help patients and practitioners use video consulting in your NHS

To do the work, we’re holding co-design workshops with patients and NHS practitioners, utilising a literature and evidence review and use cases developed by University of Oxford, and focussing on knowledge from practice on what works well and what goes wrong.

Based on University of Oxford’s ‘Planning and Evaluating Remote Consultation Services’ framework

We’ll build on underlying principles of care and ethics as well as issues of inclusion and digital maturity highlighting organisational, technological, staff and patient challenges as well as the quality of the clinical relationship and the practical reasons for the consultation.  

The project builds on our relationship with the team at the University of Oxford, as well as our aspiration to help people get the most from modern technologies by focussing on their real needs and challenges rather than on the medium itself.

Do get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts on the subject and / or would like to be kept informed about the project.