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The snakes and ladders of early career medical researchers

Medical research can be a wonderful and purposeful career choice, but researchers face many challenges, especially at the start of their career.

We’re working with Dr Charitini Stavropoulou and the Medical Research Council (MRC) to help them to communicate the ups and downs of medical research. This project aims to bring this to life through a workshop and a playful yet serious infographic.

We came up with the idea of snakes and ladders as a way to identify different research career journeys through workshops and interviews, highlighting the ladders that people and organisations can provide for their researchers as well as the slippery snakes that can undermine progress.

Career journeys are an important part of science, education and healthcare. We hope that this work will show how new perspectives on visualising complex agendas can bring greater clarity and creativity to the worlds of human resources and career development.