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Long Covid data communication with City University’s Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research

December 2020

We are collaborating with City University’s Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research to help to link underlying Long Covid research to the wider research, medical and patient community.

The project started with a discussion around the challenges of visualising complex data, and led to a simple graphic that helps patients and researchers understand the range and prevalence of symptoms and conditions that have been identified globally in patients suffering from post Covid illness.

We split the research data between people who have been hospitalised during the illness and those who were able to remain at home and then categorised the information into sets of symptoms that patients could understand and relate to. 

We received feedback from patients through the Long Covid support network and are helping the researchers prepare graphics for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

We are now in discussion about developing an interactive website that collects underlying research and links this to support and advice for healthcare professionals and patients. The ambition is to make this a dynamic site so that new research can be added regularly and will automatically update the support and infographics that patients and professionals may need.

Ideally this will act as a trusted source of knowledge and counteract the many false narratives that receive undue attention through social media.