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A talk with colleagues at City University and the Centre for Health Innovation Research

March 2021 

We had a great discussion with researchers from City University and Bayes Business School on 'Pathways to Impact' and how design can help scholars communicate their knowledge to non-academic audiences and create a bigger splash!

The talk was organised by City University’s Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research. We used the forum to discuss the power of design in the fields of health, innovation, implementation and research.

Some of the questions that followed our talk included: how to map out reproductive justice legislation in Nepal; how to communicate with different audiences in the NHS (and the role of culture in transforming relationships and power structures); how to help people with autism become their own advocates around healthcare challenges that they might face; and how to help students use design to improve the way they communicate their knowledge and skills.

We looked at the value of design, and how designers and researchers can collaborate to help individual researchers working on a project of their own, research teams who want to promote their work more widely and research centres that want to build a more creative and engaging communication and development strategy.

Do get in touch if you’d like us to share the presentation and see how you can create impact through knowledge and design.