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MRI and Pacemakers – go together like Tom and Jerry!

November 2020 

Did you know that people with pacemakers and other devices are fifty times less likely to be offered a scan than people who don’t have one?

We’ve been working with with Dr Anish Bhuva and his colleagues at MRI My Pacemaker to develop leaflets and videos which dispel the myth amongst both patients and healthcare professionals, that you can’t have an MRI if you have one of these devices implanted in your heart.

We supported workshops and online surveys to understand patient and clinician perspectives and designed the material so that it would be easy for everyone to understand and use. We hope that this will help to reset the conversation and ensure that everyone with a pacemaker can get the treatment and support that they need.

Anish is a British Heart Foundation Clinical Research training fellow and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. The project is being developed with the support of the British Heart Foundation and the Arrhythmia Alliance.