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Helping people to choose the best way to consult with their GP Practice

June 2021 

We’re working with Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at University of Oxford and the University of Plymouth to help patients and practitioners navigate the different ways that people can use to connect with their GP practice. 

To do this, we’re holding workshops with a range of people based in and around Plymouth, with a focus on reaching people who struggle to use new digital services that are now becoming the default way of contacting and consulting with your doctor and local primary care team.

Existing website for patients who need to book an appointment
Typical signage outside a GP Practice

We’ll be asking patients and practice staff to share their worries and concerns, as well as things that they like about this new world of healthcare choices.

We’ll be using their insights to develop resources and guidance to help make the experience easier, more efficient and hopefully more friendly for both patients and GPs.

The project builds on our ongoing relationship with the team at the University of Oxford, as well as our aspiration to create inclusive and meaningful work that helps support patients and society as a whole to be cared for equally and with dignity.  

The project builds on our previous collaboration with University of Oxford: Video animation and guidance resources for NHS patients and clinicians to help them do online consultations

Do get in touch if you’d like to be kept informed about the project.