The magic of MOFs: Website for the University of Manchester’s Department of Chemistry

The World Health Organisation estimates that air pollution kills seven million people every year, making it the fourth highest cause of death in the world and responsible for around one in ten early deaths.

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To help counteract these early deaths and to support other global challenges including climate change, acid rain and ozone depletion, the team of material chemists at the University of Manchester have been designing, making and studying metal-organic framework materials (MOFs for short) that can be used in energy and environmental industries.

‘We had a fantastic experience working with Design Science to produce this website. The communication from the team was excellent, and they created an engaging and valuable resource which exceeded our expectations.’

Gemma Smith, Chemist

What we did

We helped the team share their work at the Royal Society’s 2021 Summer Science exhibition through a dedicated website that includes information about air pollution and MOFs.
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The site includes embedded videos, lab tours and games aimed at encouraging visitors to learn more about their work and potentially inspire career opportunities in chemistry, so that more chemists can focus on finding solutions to these complex and often wicked problems.

MOFs have complex molecular structures that absorb toxic gases and pollutants in the same way that sponges soak up water after a spill.

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