Fortieth anniversary video for the MPS Society

The MPS Society is a wonderful charity whose staff, trustees and members work together to improve the lives of people who have been affected by rare genetic diseases caused by deficiencies in lysosomal enzymes.

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The 40 year video was an opportunity to help the society celebrate its impact through a series of conversations with trustees and employees who have experienced the Society’s impact since its formation in 1982. The project builds on our ongoing collaboration with the society including the development of three animations that help people understand a range of rare genetic disorders

‘This is brilliant. I’ve shed a little tear this morning and feel so proud of everyone who has been and continues to be part of this journey.’
‘It’s wonderful. You’ve done a fantastic job!’

– MPS Society Trustees

What we did

We worked with filmmaker, Ben Garfield at Shine a Light Productions and animator, Megan Ryan to produce and deliver a new video for the MPS society which was launched at the House of Commons in London on 15 May for International MPS Awareness Day.

How we did it

We started by understanding the needs of the society including the audience that they wanted to engage with and the subjects they wanted the video to include. This led to the development of a film plan that helped Ben and his film crew manage their time at the Society’s offices.

To help the shoot run smoothly, we co-developed an overarching script and key questions for each participant, seeking to understand the practical and emotional journey of a society whose members and wider community are not only dealing with family challenges but also supporting the development of new and often radical gene editing therapies.

We then produced a teaser video that the society used to gather interest in their 40 year celebrations. As we edited the footage we identified opportunities to include archive footage from the society including photos and videos of their founder, Christine Lavery, as well as images of the families they support, conferences and events over the years and the impact of the society on people whose lives have been affected by these rare diseases.

We developed and commissioned animations that help to contextualise the film before providing the society with a final cut for use in their digital campaigns. The video ultimately celebrates the amazing work of everyone involved in the development of the society, who together helped to fundamentally change political and social institutions for the benefit of people whose voice and pain had long been ignored.

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