Litmus Paper at Cheltenham Science Festival

We were supported by the British Library to produce a new edition of Litmus Paper for Cheltenham Science Festival – a daily, printed publication summarising news, reviews and research stories associated with each day of the Festival.

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Cheltenham hosts the biggest science festival in the UK, presenting an array of interactive experiments, talks and exhibitions to nearly 50,000 visitors each year.

Litmus Paper went down a storm!” 
Ashley Kent, Cheltenham Science Festival Manager

We produced five issues of Litmus. Half the content was compiled, edited and designed in advance. The other half was written and designed live at the festival, with our editorial team attending the events and conducting interviews with guest presenters and our design team working into the small hours.

The editions were printed overnight and delivered by 9am every morning.
Litmus Paper daily blog\

Photos from the Festival

Interactive cover designs

Design Science’s Phillip Kent developed coded design solutions for each of the Litmus Paper covers, which could be accessed at

We invited visitors to download the code for any of the covers, modify, then upload back their contributions (or add new ones).
View 'Beginnings and endings' interactive cover
View 'hextiling' basis for 'Beginnings and endings' cover

Download the editions

Download PDF issue 1
Download PDF issue 2
Download PDF issue 3
Download PDF issue 4
Download PDF issue 5

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