Cover designs for the Institution of Environmental Sciences

The Institution of Environmental Sciences produces four editions of its journal Environmental Scientist each year. They commissioned us to design a selection of covers.

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The ‘Science without borders’ issue explored the role science needs to play in adopting the seventeen Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, denoted by the seventeen colour bands in their logo which we adapted for the cover design.

The theme for the February 2018 edition was land condition. It explored how contaminated land is managed and remediated, made safe to build on and redeveloped as nature reserves or rejuvenated as public space.

We developed a minimalist cover design to draw attention to the deep, dark layers of polluted soil accumulating ominously below our feet.

The 'Living Labs' issue was about how academics, students and other stakeholders in communities can come together to tackle real-world challenges through research and other projects.

The idea of universities conducting their scientific research on unwilling students is a fairly shocking prospect, so we opted for the idea of a traditional newspaper headline board.

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