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Constipation in children – guidance for parents

1 in every 3 kids get constipation and it’s often caused by new things like changing home or school. Worry and stress can make it harder to poo and the longer they wait the harder it gets!

We’re pleased to be working with the department of Typography & Graphic Communication at University of Reading to support the design of a physical and digital resource that will help parents look after their children if they are constipated.

The resource builds on the journey mapping research carried out by the University of Reading and builds on some of the illustrative techniques that we have been developing with the University of Oxford and the NHS.

While this guide shows that constipation can be treated successfully, the impact on stress, poor diet and welfare on children’s development is stark and guides like this can only be part of the solution to the growing challenge of childhood obesity and inequalities in physical exercise and parental support.