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A fortieth anniversary video for the MPS Society

December 2021

Following on from our work to develop three animations about rare MPS diseases for the MPS Society, we’ve been commissioned to develop a fortieth anniversary video that will help them to share the work that they have achieved since they were founded at the beginning of the eighties.

We were supported by our Associate Ben Garfield, who has just finished filming a series of interviews with trustees and staff at the society.

To help the shoot run smoothly, we co-developed an overarching script and key questions for each participant, seeking to understand the practical and emotional journey of a society whose members and wider community are dealing with the challenges of living with rare genetic diseases. It also highlights the amazing work of their founder who helped to fundamentally change political and social institutions for the benefit of people whose voice and pain had been ignored for so long.

Tom, Wilma, Sarah, James, Helen and Bob: some of members of the MPS Society who we interviewed.