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Fabry disease animation video – patient and clinician online workshop

March 2021 

We held a workshop with the MPS society for people with Fabry and medical specialists to understand more about living with the illness, and to use their knowledge and experience to create a short animation to help newly diagnosed patients and their families.

Fabry is a rare genetic disease so it was a wonderful opportunity to listen to this open and creative group who could tell us not only what drives them nuts – from old and incorrect information on the internet to the lack of support for teenagers and young adults – but also, what brings warmth to their lives, e.g. a specialist nurse who cares about you and not just your medical symptoms, and the amazing people at the MPS Society who can help you to sort out extra government support.

Beyond this rich conversation, we also heard ways that we could improve our draft storyboard, with ideas on missing details and ways of arranging information to capture greater nuance. 

We’ll be sharing our progress with this group again and look forward to getting more feedback as the animation develops.

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