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Science and design: parallel processes? Live debate at Central Saint Martins

March 2012

Our second live debate was supported by the National Centre for Research Methods.

We invited a panel of two scientists: Geraint Rees, Professor of Cognitive Neurology and Dean of the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences, and Stephen Curry, Professor of Structural Biology, Imperial College London, alongside two designers: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (Designer, artist and writer) and interaction designer Joel Gethin Lewis to debate on the question of whether designers and scientists follow similar processes in their work, and how can understanding each other’s processes help to foster collaborations.

The event was chaired by Leonora Oppenheim (Design storyteller) and introduced by Design Science's, Anne Odling-Smee.

Event blog by Lizzie Crouch

Graphic created in collaboration with Stefanie Schwarz using Processing software