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Cultural Evolution Society graphic identity

December 2021 

As part of our work with the Cultural Evolution Society, we have been developing its new graphic identity and online presence. This builds on the structure that we used for the CES Transformation Fund portal website, but with the ambition to help more people learn about the significance of cultural evolution as an academic discipline, and to help leaders in the field create real world impact – not just in the field of cultural studies – but in wider social, environmental and political spheres. 

Our new logo design (by Michael Gibb) is a development of the societies previous logo, depicting the nature and complexity of cultural evolution via the metaphor of a tree. A simplified, contemporary drawing allows the mark to work across various scales and media types, as well as in different colour ways and as an animation.

Is cultural evolution something that can be controlled and supported through education, cross-pollination of ideas and rigorous analysis? If this is something that you are interested in please visit the CES Transformation Fund website.

Representation of biological evolution (a) versus cultural evolution (b), after Kroeber (1948:216; redrafted by Dean R. Snow) – read more about cultural evolution.