Programm T2D+: a medicines adherence program for Type 2 Diabetes patients

We were commissioned by medicines adherence company Spoonful of Sugar to develop a printed suite of materials and digital outputs for Type 2 Diabetes patients to help them make the most of their medication.

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We worked with illustrator Lee Woodgate to develop a picture-led visual identity. By combining individually commissioned illustrations with thoroughly edited texts originating from lengthy, academic papers, we created a comprehensive range of accessible, patient-friendly communication materials.

The general information booklet explains how the program works.

A key component of the program are these eight patient leaflets, each tailored to a specific concern around medical adherence. Pharmacists provide patients with the leaflets that are relevant to them.

The leaflets use pictures to communicate information quickly and effectively, avoiding lengthy, off-putting texts. We involved patients in the design process, and worked closely with Spoonful of Sugar to ensure outputs were co-designed and built upon our combined expertise.

Example illustration to communicate the importance of adherence to medication for ensuring good blood sugar levels.

Example illustration to explain why different medications may be prescribed to patients – each targeting a specific part of the body which maybe affected by their Type 2 Diabetes.

The materials are housed in these packs, specifically designed to provide pharmacists with an easy-to-use resource during consultations with Type 2 Diabetes patients.

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