Niche construction evolutionary research website and logo

Extending on our design work for the international research program, Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES), we have collaborated with the same team to create the Niche Construction website. 

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What we did

The website is designed primarily for academic researchers but we wanted it to be accessible to lay audiences.

We developed an easy to navigate home page with enticing images to introduce the site. We created a logotype to reinforce the understanding of niche construction as a distinct research area. The logotype relates to the EES logo we designed in 2015.

The responsive design is primarily designed for research use on desktop computers, but is adaptable to mobile devices.

The main sections are built within a multi-layered navigation system to allow for the different levels of organisational structure. They include:• clickable contents sections• dropdown menus with sub-dropdown sections for more in-depth content• roll over pop up glossary word definitions• quick referencing sections


We worked in close collaboration with an international team of researchers, developing multiple iterations to ensure the content was communicated accurately and intuitively.

We also shared versions of the site with potential users during the process for feedback, which we then implemented.

“The structure makes it clear and easy to scroll and check for information, and the sections and paragraphs are short enough to skim.”

– Researcher

“A really strong resource… useful to a wide audience of biologists and philosophers of biology. I am delighted that NC will have this kind of authoritative and compelling online presence.”

– Researcher

Our solution

The website is intended as a key resource for researchers across a range of scientific disciplines including biology, ecology, conservation and medicine.

In the longer term we are keen to develop a more widely accessible version of niche construction, given its crucial importance in explaining how our world works.

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