Identity, website design and publication templates for Africa Centre for Population Health

We worked alongside the Wellcome Trust to produce a new visual identity for the Africa Centre for Population Health in Eastern South Africa.

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The Centre aims to improve population health through research that focusses on eliminating new HIV infections and reducing tuberculosis transmission, along with generally improving the health system. The Centre is used both by researchers and local community organisers.

Research for the project involved a 10-day trip to the Centre’s headquarters in Kwa Zulu-Natal where we met with researchers and community members. This allowed us to understand first-hand what the Centre was aiming to achieve, and how we could create an identity that would contribute towards this.

Design rationale for logo

Colour palette

Visual identity applied to stationery

Vehicle branding

Africa Centre’s public engagement Umbiko magazine

Research event posters and patient information leaflet

Fieldworker backpacks and T-shirts

Logo repeat pattern

Logo potential iterations

Visual identity adapted in stencil form for community fundraising event

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