We are a team of designers, writers and technologists working with associates from science, health and education. 

Design consultant

Research Leader for Communication Design at Central Saint Martins from 2008–2012 and co-Director of the Information Environments research unit at the University of the Arts London from 2006–2012.

A science graduate with a BSc in Phyto-molecular Biology and a PhD (LSE) in researching language as a structuring principle of verbal and visual management.Commercial activity: Design Director with offices in Rome, London and Paris. Clients includes Agnes B, Audi, Architectural Lighting Ltd, Nicholas Grimshaw Architects, Roca, wagamama. Lighting Design products exhibited in MOMA.

Publications include Graphic Design – this way, Concepts of Graphic Design and Teenagers (2007). Areas of interests include investigating challenges to the conventions of visualisation within globalised culture such as a paper presented at NewViews 2 conference (London, 2008) ‘The impact of emerging Eastern Design sensibilities on established design structures such as the grid’.