We are a team of designers, writers and technologists working with associates from science, health and education. 

Health professional

Dave Pao is a practising doctor in the field of sexual health and HIV medicine. He has a clinical research MD from UCL (2012). Alongside his medical work, he is undertaking a Design PhD at the Royal College of Art in London.

Dave’s PhD research at the RCA examines the role of the medical record within the clinician-patient consultation, and its ability to represent the patient history from both scientific and narrative perspectives.

Adopting a visual and interaction design approach anchored to the theory of distributed cognition, he is exploring the evolution from paper to digital records and the affordances inherent to these very different media.

Taking this further, he plans to use collaborative design methodology to develop and iterate a ‘dream screen’ with clinician users.

This digital artefact will be used to study the impact of design not only on usability but also eudaimonic wellbeing – i.e. the user’s sense of autonomy, competence and relatedness within the clinical consultation.