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Working with the University of Amsterdam on Neighbourhood Social Cohesion

August 2020

We’re collaborating with Josefien Breedvelt and the research team at The Centre for Urban Mental Health at the University of Amsterdam to communicate the value of social cohesion and togetherness for young people.

The research is still underway but we thought we’d share one of the scripts that we developed as part of the development process:

  • Our community affects the way we feel – we’re sharing what we’ve learnt with you. We asked young people and experts – scoured the web for ideas too.
  • There are positives – like trusting our families and friends,knowing our neighbours and feeling a part of where we live.
  • And negatives – like bullying, being stuck in our homes,big social issues like crime, racism and inequality.
  • Some of these are out of our control but here are some ways that could make a difference to our lives.
  • We need to make connections by playing and learning together.We need safe spaces that are designed for everyone.
  • We need to help our leaders learn the importance of inclusionAnd we need to help each other feel that we belong.
  • We can watch out for our neighbours and they’ll watch out for us.
    We can celebrate our birthdays with parties in the park.
  • We can co-create our places, whether we are young or we are old.
    Our mental health’s important and our communities play their part.
  • We need to make connections and feel together not apart.
    Perhaps we need a declaration of togetherness as a start?

The work is supported by the Wellcome Trust and will result in a short animation and infographic.