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A world-class centre of excellence in neuroscience

We are collaborating with the communications team at UCL to explain the concept of translational neuroscience through physical and digital media for their new research centre in central London.

The new centre brings together discovery, clinical and translational research to:

  • research how our brains work and what happens when things goes wrong
  • understand how neurological diseases affect people and trial new treatments
  • translate this research into new cures and treatments

We have been seeking inspiration through an understanding of neural connectors, the folds (gyri) and the grooves (sulci) in our brain and the way we protect and encase our most sensitive organ.

The folds on the surface of the brain are known as gyri and the grooves are known as sulci

The work will support the development of innovation, collaboration and partnerships and links with the creation of a world-class physical environment to fight neurological disorders through a joint programme between the Institute of Neurology and the Dementia Research Institute.

The new research centre will be based at 256 Gray’s Inn Road, London
The site currently comprises the Eastman Dental Hospital, the former Royal Free Hospital, the UCL Eastman Dental Clinic and the Levy Wing

If you’d like to collaborate on the design of creative communication systems across science, health and education please do get in touch.