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South Bank & Waterloo Net Zero

We’re working with Flint Culture and colleagues across the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark to support the development of a new identity to communicate South Bank & Waterloo’s Net Zero Climate Action Plan

“The challenges for London, Lambeth and particularly the Waterloo and South Bank area are rapidly coming into focus… As we move into a defining era, it is vital that we take action to protect our future and that of coming generations.”

Claire Holland, leader of Lambeth Council
Giles Goddard, Vicar of St John’s Church & Chair of South Bank & Waterloo’s Neighbourhood environment group

This project is not simply about technology and targets but about the ecology, culture, society and economy of our future lives. We go into this work aware that much of the activities associated with climate change have been positioned as technical fixes to problems caused by previous technical ‘fixes’ and that climate change and the wider biodiversity emergency is actually a cultural challenge about how we live in the future, not simply how we adapt and mitigate but how we communicate change.

“...the language of climate change remains an elite, technical language. It is opaque and impenetrable to most people, and it excludes the working class.”

If you’re interested in communicating deeper responses to our ecological crisis do get in touch.