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Helping primary care practitioners talk about weight loss

We are pleased to be collaborating with a new team at University of Oxford’s Nuffield department of primary care health sciences to support the development of a training programme that provides GPs with tools to talk about weight loss with their patients in an inclusive and supportive way.

It builds on research carried out by the team around conversational techniques and will be co-designed with specialists and practitioners to ensure that it is useful, easy to use and enjoyable.

The training programme will include

  • An online learning module for primary care practitioners based on ‘evidence of effective communication’ that can be embedded into a variety of websites
  • An associated guideline to explain the benefits of using the learning tool
  • Social Media infographics to signpost and advertise the learning tool

The team’s research builds on ‘Conversation Analytic Role-play’ research which applies scientific rigour to conversations, suggesting that ‘every word matters’ and that understanding the world of social interaction can change the way you think about talking.

Traditional methods for training and assessing communication skills are based in role play or simulation. CARM works differently.

If you’d like to collaborate on creative learning tools across science, health and education please do get in touch.