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Living better with HIV and problems with thinking and memory

We’ve been working with Professor Jaime H Vera Rojas at Brighton and Sussex Medical School on a number of HIV and healthcare projects. We’re pleased to be supporting the team in the Department of Global Health and Infection in the design and development of a new website to help communities living with HIV access the latest and most useful information about caring for and coping with the challenges of HIV related cognitive impairment. 

The website will be co-designed with healthcare specialists and people living with HIV and will integrate a range of resources that will be developed through the co-design process, including:

  • The reasons why people with HIV suffer with cognitive impairment 
  • The best ways to support and care for people with cognitive impairment 
  • Signs and symptoms of cognitive impairment
  • Myths and misconceptions about living with cognitive impairment
  • A list of support groups broken into regions and or patient groups

The website and content will be designed for a variety of users including patients, carers and health care practitioners but all the content will be written and visually illustrated so that it is easy to understand, accessible and useful.

If you’re interested in using digital tools to support and empower people with complex needs please do get in touch